Website Monthly Maintenance

Why you need Website Maintenance

Depending on which software and/or platform your website was created with,  you may need to stay on top of the latest version of the softare or platform, as well as the foundation, template, plugins or add-on functions are needed to keep the website up to date, you’ll need website Maintenance.  Website Maintenance is essential (especially if your website is built on WordPress), if you want your website to perform at its best, and to keep hackers from using “open holes” to infect or mess with your website.

Viera Web Design offers several opportunites to make sure your website is updated. If your website is built with WordPress, for example, the following components need to be udpate frequently during any given month.

  • WordPress Version Updates
  • Theme Version Updates
  • Plugin Version Updates
  • Third-party Code Updates

These updates can be needed daily, weekly or monthly, depending on security changes or feature updates. Without these updates, your website becomes vulnerable – hackers can find their way in to your website code, or outdated versions of the theme, plugins, etc. Hackers can change the links on your website to direct your visitors to another site that isn’t of interest. Hackers can also inject malware into your site, and even render it useless. In fact, they can take your site down.

So, yes, you really should have Website Maintenance as part of your success plan.

Viera Web Design takes care of your website maintenance if your website hosting is managed a through a Viera Web Design hosting plan, or if you are on one of our SEO WEB Marketing Plans. If your site is hosted on another host, we charge a small fee each month (or save with an annual Website Maintenance Plan).  

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