Is Your Website Broken?

Viera Web Design does website repair!

 A fast website is a Google requirement (as of May 2021). If your website doesn’t load quickly, your visitors won’t wait….they will most likely move on to another website. Page speed is very important because not only can frustrate your visitors but the search engines, too. Google does not put much faith in your website pages if they load slowly. In fact, your rankings can go down if your site is too slow.

There are many factors that can cause your website to load slowly. Viera Web can analyze and fix most, if not all of the issues involved.

You should consider our Website Repair Services, such as Security Monitoring and Maintenance, Page Speed Service, SEO / Website Management and Web Marketing Plans, all designed to keep your rankings high in Google, Yahoo and Bing while driving more traffic to your website. More traffic can drive more sales for the products and services you offer.

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What can cause a website to break?

There are several factors that can cause a website to break, including coding errors, server issues, security breaches, outdated software or plugins, conflicts with other website components, and issues with the domain name or hosting. Additionally, heavy traffic or usage can cause a website to slow down or crash altogether. It’s important to regularly test and maintain a website to prevent these issues from occurring.

  • Incorrect coding
  • Human errors
  • Hardware problems
  • Poor quality website hosting
  • DNS (Domain Name Server) issues
  • DDoS attacks (hacked website)
  • CMS issues (Content Management System)
  • Mismanaged web maintenance or poorly maintained websites)
  • Outdated plugins, templates or coding

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Fix Broken Website

Your website is vital for business success because your website serves as a full-time tool that represents the products, services and/or information for your current and potential customers.

Your website needs great content and mustbe available for people to see and engage with at all times and from any location.   Business website functionalities can obviously be shut down completely if there are any periods of outage. No to mention how frustrating it can be when a website goes offline, which can cause you to lose customers, lower your company’s reputation, and lead to a loss of revenue.

It is very important to know the causes of website downtime. If you notice your website is “gone” or find your website is having any kind of issues at all, please get in touch with Viera Web Design.